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To edify a body of individuals by exposing them to Christ, perfecting (maturing) them through Christ and ultimately "Building Victorious Christ-filled Believers".


To be a ministry with the innate ability to evangelize the lost, equip the believers and

employ the disciples.

To provide a Christ-centered triplex institution that includes:

1.  A Worship Center which establishes platforms to perfect (mature) individuals in Christ

while imparting them with the necessary spiritual tools to maximize their potential in God's Kingdom;

2.  A Youth Development Center that provides opportunities for mentoring, team-based problem solving and self-development, ultimately imparting them with natural tools to maximize their potential in the earth;

3.  A Child Care Center that provides a warm, loving, nurturing and educational environment 

while enabling families to seek individual self-improvement and to obtain and maintain employment.


Our purpose at PTSAM is to establish an environment where people of various races, cultures, social classes, background and ethnicities are accepted;  An environment where people will find compassion, grace, healing, salvation and direction all within a positive and loving community of believers.  Although apostolic is a part of our name, it only bears witness to the nature and the God-given vision of our ministry, which is to set a Christ-like pattern for man to be perfected both spiritually and naturally.


Our Pastors

Pastors Robert and Ava Walker, servants of God, both gave their lives to Christ before their teenage years. Their destiny in ministry was tied to each other from the very beginning when they meet on June 8, 1992. It was at this time that their spiritual foundation in God would be reestablished together. They grew together in knowledge, wisdom, love, devotion and servitude. They also grew as faithful servants who served in numerous capacities. Because of the Apostolic mandate placed upon their lives, unknowingly, 27 years later to be exact, on June 8, 2019, Robert and Ava were ordained and installed as founding Pastors of Perfecting The Saints Apostolic Ministries, Inc. Pastors Robert and Ava are leaders who have dedicated themselves to serving others and now they dedicate themselves by perfecting & building others from within to serve in the Body of Christ. 


"Building From Within"

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